Happy New Year

Another year has passed and it has been a year of great progress for many of our students. Many begin to approach their 12th grade and to support the further development Josip will conduct a number of seminars that focus on fight and dynamics. These will probably be as interesting as sweaty if I know Josip right.

During the year we also focused a lot on our instructors. From what I have seen it would be very surprising if we did not get a number of new technician degrees during 2017.

The biggest news for 2017 is that the club in Lund will move in with Sundkraft gym which means that hose who train WT and / or Escrima will have access to a fully equipped gym. We will update with more info as it approaches. Most likely we will have a special event associated with the move.

The training starts up again on 9/1 in Malmö and the day after in Lund. We welcome all new and old students who want to learn our exciting, classic and effective styles.

Happy New Year and see you in 2017!

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