New semester and paus in Wing Tsun in Malmö and Halmstad


This is the first day of rain during this record summer so what fits better than a news update.

We start with some sad news and it concerns the Wing Tsun training in Malmö and Halmstad that will be paused. In Malmö, one of the instructors has struggled with a long-term shoulder injury and because of that we have decided to pause the training until it is completely healed. For our existing (and possible new) students we really recommend the training in either Lund or Copenhagen. It will also be possible to get private tuition.

In Halmstad, the instructors want to focus on their own development / training and therefore will not accept any new students.

On the positive side the training in Lund and the weapon training in Malmö start up at 34. In Lund there are also some exciting projects to include other types of training in Lund. More about this later.

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